Thanksgiving by Charles Franck

by Charles Franck

Happy Thanksgiving Mom! I miss you so much! So very grateful for those final memories with you last Thanksgiving. I will forever wonder what was on your mind that day….. you were so happy and comfortable. I know that you knew I’d relay the message for you. You spoke of how much you loved all your children, how much Paul had been helping you lately, how Suzette was somehow holding the “healthiest of the family position,” and how you missed Michelle and wanted to see her, if only we had a little longer … your voice was heard Mom and wish more than anything I could hug you today. I enjoyed being with you so much couldn’t wait til Xmas to see you again. Just have to wait…. :0) There will always be an empty chair at my Dinner table on every holiday ….A member of the family will forever be Abscent. I love you! And I know you are with us all the time.

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