Qu Hier Que DeMain by Charles Franck

by Charles Franck

I wanted to share a story with everyone. I know so many people suffering from the loss of a Loved One recently that hoping this brings some one peace.

Two weeks after my Mom passed this year I was in the hospital with an infection and severed tendon. Lying in the E.R. waiting on my four hour i.v. antibiotic treatment left me plenty of time to realize that this was to be first time I was in the hospital without my Mommy! Silly for a grown man right? I was scared . I prayed for her strength. Walking out of Kaiser hospital in Irvine i was still in shock of everything. I was driving my mom’s car. As I approached just a few feet away, I noticed strung straight across the sidewalk as if it was laid out that way ,a gold chain shining in the sun. I picked it up and my immediate instinct was to go inside and turn it in. “Something “told me to STOP, ..”that’s for you” it was just a feeling I had. So I returned to my mom’s car and looked at it closer.

My mother was very proud of her French heritage and spoke French fluently growing up. She made sure it was part of us and that we grew up on the same traditions.

I look at the pendant, noticed and inscription on the front and noticed that it was indeed in French!? I immediately translated the words on my phone, it reads, “” loose translation= ” I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow.” !!! Blew me away…. you dig? Taken back, yet feeling so comfortable I go home and head to the beach with my new treasure in hand . Sitting on the cliffs open my hand to look at the pendant and notice that it is flipped over but I can see something lightly scribed in the reflection of the sun on the backside. It reads “toi et moi” = “You and Me”!!! ….Unreal! Right? For many years It was just my Mother and I that lived together.

…to this day I wear it everyday and do believe it was a gift from my mom. Many other cool things have happened to myself and siblings that let us know that she is indeed out there. Have faith that your lost ones visit you, will look over you and they are free! Believe anything you wish , but someone told me that your loved ones will only visit you, when you ready to let them go in your Heart. Be happy for them, most were in a bad way…… God speed to all! We’ll see them again, for the mean time, every time you feel a breeze just think maybe it’s a hug from them…..

by Charles Franck

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