Bernadette Franck Final Services

The final services for my Mom were perfect and beautiful. We had a Catholic Mass, and everyone participated and came together to arrange everything. My mother would be very proud of all of us all! We are pictured above with Debbie Thomas, my mom’s best friend, at her beautiful home in West Simi Valley, which she graciously offered for the final reception.

Paul Jr. led us with a reading from the Book of Wisdom, then Paul Sr. read from the New Testament. Charlie performed the eulogy and he did an excellent job, everyone laughed and cried. We will post it on the website soon. Michelle and I presented the wine and communion hosts, and the final song was “An American Hymn”, sung by the church singer, Carol, who did a phenomenal job. There were also small prayer cards Paul Jr. had made up, as well as a larger laminated prayer card I designed.

Many old friends and favorite family members attended the services, and we were especially happy to see Uncle Jerry, Auntie Phyllis, and our cousins, Sharon and Lisa, who we have not seen for many years. My mom would be extremely happy that they came, as they were very close when my mother and father came to California from Maine. We received a beautiful yellow bouquet from Uncle Camille, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Georgette that was just beautiful. I will post more information and pictures soon.