Mom’s Owl by Charlie Franck

I wanted to share this story. I never have on Facebook. Hopefully it provides someone comfort, means the world to me. Believe as you wish…. The morning after my mom passed I woke really early , went to the house and sat there in Mom’s chair for hours. Taking it all in… felt awkwardly comfortable…Like, when you are deathly sick as a child with a fever but your Mom holds you in her arms and everything is more tolerable. That’s the best way i can describe how I felt. “relieved I guess?” things weren’t getting better for her. Mom liked to smoke “outback” so before I prepared to leave I sat in her spot in the backyard. looking at the sliding patio door, a light kept drawing my attention to the upper corner of the glass. I recalled that when I entered the front door I had noticed that same thing catch my attention.

I paused and looked closer, could not believe what I was seeing! The most detailed impression of an owl in flight on the glass door!! No mistaking it as you can see. (picture above) I studied it extremely closely, trying to figure out if it was something my mother could have done herself ? maybe it was a sticker she removed? Did an Owl fly into the glass? What was it made of? Seemed to be almost a greasy, waterproof…it had rained over it and not washed away?? The detail was down to the fibers of each individual feather and not smudged. It was the feeling that I had inside that left me no reason to question it any further. Mom was ok and her Love was everywhere! My family saw it, of course, and it is unexplainable. The image remained there through probate and the sale of the house….was there on the last day 9 months…

But that wasn’t all, three or four weeks into reconditioning the house, I was there washing walls, and after finishing my work sat in that same spot. looked up to see the Owl , and couldn’t believe…on the right side of the glass a second impression of an Owl! not quite as visible of an impression, but no question was there! Did not turn out as well in photo but i’ll try to find it and post. It was confirmed by everyone again and is unexplainable. :0) Owls have never had a significance in our lives that we know of, but since, they seem to be everywhere. I walk into a store..owl stuff everywhere…I reach for a salt shaker at a diner, it’s an owl ,….stop for a beer in another country after a car accident…ask for a guinness, bartender talks me out of it and tells me to try this local brew instead…there’s an Owl on the label, loved ones have heard owls outside their windows… I could go on…happens a lot. :0)

Regardless of how or why…to us every image of an Owl serves as reminder of Mom’s Love and that she is still here….just Different.

—-A lot of kids have Star Wars toys this year thanks to Mom! :0)