Poem: “As I sit safe in heaven and watch you everyday”

I saw this graphic on facebook yesterday when I was really missing my mom. I love you, Mom in heaven!


As I sit in heaven and watch you everyday,
I try to let you know with signs I never went away.

I hear you when you’re laughing, and watch you as you sleep.
I even place my arms around you to calm you as you weep.

I see you wish the days away, begging to have me home.
So I try to send you signs so you know you are not alone.

Don’t feel guilty that you have life that was denied to me.
Heaven is truly beautiful, just you wait and see.

So live your life, laugh again, enjoy yourself, be free.
Then I know with every breath you take
You’ll be taking one for me.

Poem by Hazel Birdsall

9 thoughts on “Poem: “As I sit safe in heaven and watch you everyday””

  1. Just took my breath a way it was there with out lookink i lost my daughter just over a year ago and this just popped up with out warning i found it so warming it was as if she was in the room with me thank you

    1. I release white doves at funerals regularly. I will speak to the symbolism of the doves and then recite two or three poems before the release of the doves. I offer approximately 20 poems for my clients to choose from. This poem was requested a few years ago and is now offered as one of my suggested choices. It offers solace and hope whenever we read it.

  2. Hi! My name is Cleofe Guangko Casambre MD and I composed the music to this poem before I found out who wrote the poem. Please check out Amazon.com and search my name.
    Thank you, Hazel Birdsall.
    Enjoy the music..

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m the author of this poem (your version has a verse missing).

    1. “What would you do? “If you were told, That you couldn’t live to be very old? What would you do or what would you say? Would you live the as you are living today?

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